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I have been on the wait list for Netflix's copies of the discs for BBC's Sherlock before they even had them yet, and this week it was finally my turn. I watched them yesterday, and it is just as awesome as I'd heard. :D

But it ended on a cliff-hanger. D:

And I don't know when the next set will be finished. D:<
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From Nerd Approved, which I am in no way associated

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Be Forewarned: Big and rambly entry ahoy!

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My mother is a geek. And I'm following in her footsteps; I gave Stargate Atlantis a try just before school started, and ended up watching two seasons in less than two weeks. Now I'm stockpiling SG1 and SGA to have a marathon over winter break. I also watched some DS9 episodes on youtube and will get that next.
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You know that feeling, when you've thought of doing something so often that it surprises you when it turns out you forgot to do it? Yeah, I've got that now. I was so sure I'd started posting again at least after the hullabaloo of school had died down, if not before that. So I'm gonna do a quick catch-up update now and plan on writing more about some of them later.

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Oh my god, that was great! My first convention and it was awesome. We went first thing to one of the panel rooms to see and hear about "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and sat through the panel for a television show called "Happy Town" that ended with a screening of the first episode. Its a suspense mystery kinda show, not usually my thing, but it was pretty good. Got to see a segment from "The Prince of Persia" as well as from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".
Then we hit the floor, and it was packed. I had to hold onto Dad's sleeve so as to not get separated. Lots of cosplayers, but either we or they were heading somewhere so I only got a few pictures. We both enjoyed Stylin Online's booth though we ended up only buying the official Wonder-Con shirt. My favorites were six booths of cardboard boxes full of used comicbook paperbacks, in really good condition at half the new price, and twice I had so many that the vendor gave me half off of that for a few. And just before we left we found the table giving away the Iron Man 2 poster with Scarlett Johansson.
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I had a stroke of luck today running errands with the parents. While they looked at the dishes at K-mart, I went to browse the toys, and they were having an action figure sale! It was mostly already picked over, but I did find a Booster Gold and a Blue Beetle II, and Cadet Leonerd McCoy - who I hadn't bought online because I wasn't impressed with the face sculpt, but in person it was much improved. Sadly, there were no more Kirks or Spocks.
Also found *ahem* superhero underwear. I don't care that they're made for guys, they don't make them for girls so I'm gonna wear 'em anyway.
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Here's a nice way to kick off Spring Break: new toys!
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Movie de la semaine: Tim Burton's Batman. I know what I'm doing this weekend!
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I decided that since I'm getting back into comicbooks, I should try some of the movies that I had passed on before. I actually saw 'Spider-Man' in the theater, but I remember hating it so much I was leery to try it again. Instead I watched 'Spider-Man 2' for the first time today with my Dad because I had heard good things about Alfred Molina's performance as Doc Ock... and that really is the only reason to watch it, in my opinion. Mary-Jane is really a jerk, and just like Lois Lane in the first 'Superman', it makes me wonder what the hero sees in her. And, does Tobey ever change his expression?
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Last Christmas present from the parentals finally arrived.

Mark III Tony
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Since I've seen 'Alice' I've rewatched 'Tin Man', reread 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz', and read 'Alice in Wonderland'. Now I'm starting 'Through the Looking Glass', and after that I have 'The Looking Glass Wars' trilogy. I wonder if I still have the 'Tenth Kingdom' around, but if I don't I can reread 'Fables' instead.
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The grandparents took our family and one of the aunts to see 'Sherlock Holmes' this afternoon. I had fun and really liked it. Papa liked that for the most part he could understand what was going on just by the action, so it didn't matter that he can't hear very well. Mom complained that it was too dark, as in "I can't see!", to which I said "Atmosphere!". Dad muttered a little about the sequel hook, but I said "Well if it bothers you so much, just think of it as a Mythology Gag. That's what I'm doing."

I want Holmes's wardrobe.

The 'Iron Man 2' trailer looked awesome! But, Tony, weren't you talking about turning over a new leaf? 'Cause it sure looks an awful lot like the old one, just focusing on Iron Man's adventures instead of Stark Industries business. Or is that just a public persona?
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Oh "Super Hero Squad', you're just so silly, but in a really cute way, and with an up-beat opening song. Tony is just adorkable when carrying on about his toys machines toy machines and fussing about magic. But can we have some more Steve soon, please?

And wow, "Romeo x Juliet" has absolutely beautiful artwork, but for a series Netflix described as set in a futuristic city, I was surprised when the style was actually fantasy Renaissance. I'm not disappointed exactly, but I was looking forward to Shakespeare meeting science-fiction. I think I was really hoping for Amidala-esque costumes, too.


Nov. 1st, 2009 04:19 pm
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I have finally, at nineteen, conceded to my mom that I am in fact too old to go trick-or-treating. Instead my dad and I went downtown during "Treat Street" to bask in the spirit of things. There were a lot of princesses, Disney or otherwise, and pirates, Sparrow or otherwise. It seemed to me that there were also a lot more comicbook characters than last year, but that could just be me. Three memorable costumes: a three year old boy in a Captain America costume -an actual costume as opposed to my shirt-and-jeans, winged cowl and all-, a college boy dressed in awesome Doctor Doom armor, and his girlfriend in Doom-esqe armor.

Actually, for a year with no trick-or-treating, I ended up getting a lot of loot. I bought comicbooks from our only local comicbook store while we were downtown. We went to HotTopic at the mall because their website said they had Marvel pins, which was a lie, but they did have something not on their website: Captain America's shield! And Iron Man's mask! The video-game store in the mall had a multi-player that Dad and I both can't wait to play (why yes, he is who I get it from). And then at the grocery store, I found a Superman blanket and Star Trek waffles. Talk about a geek overload.

I need to look for Marvel icons.
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I am dressing as Natasha Stark, dressed as Captain America (which I've lost the other scan for; it was Tony and I think Rumiko attending a Halloween party). Spray-on black hair-color and this shirt, which thankfully arrived in time.

EDIT: I am never, ever using spray-on hair-color again. Ever.
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I have fallen back into comic books. I have fallen hard. With my summer earnings and a free trial of Amazon Prime (Free two day shipping!), I have received more packages this month then I did all of last year, and believe me when I tell you that every time I get enough "fun money" I order books. I have more books than I have clothes.
Anyway, I have fallen really, really hard for Steve Rogers. And Tony Stark. And Steve Rogers/Tony Stark. I found  this community with this entry, and now I'm listening to love songs from WWII.
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Know what's awesome? Seeing 'The Wizard of Oz', in High-Definition, on the big screen, for its 70th Anniversary (a month late, but still). That's what's awesome!
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When feeling bored over the summer, take the bus to the library. Or take two buses and go to the bookstore. Or hell, go downtown and wander for awhile. Do not sign up for more than four college classes. It is hard enough going to a public school and adjusting to the sheer number of people without stressing out about schoolwork as well. *headdesk*

Also, having homework to avoid seems to be the way to get my creative juices flowing, such as mine can, and get me interested in all the things I was bored with over the summer. And somehow I have discovered four new fandoms and rediscovered another one. *facepalm* As if I needed more reason to be plugged into the world wide web.


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