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My school's GSA club finally had an event that I had the time to attend tonight. I've never been to a dance before though, so I pleaded with Sister for her to come along and ease my nerves. We stayed for two hours and mostly people watched, but did dance together for a little while. Didn't really talk with anyone else, but whatever; we had fun together and looked fabulous. And neither of us had had dinner, and the food provided left something to be desired, so the parents got us chinese on the way home.

P.S.  -  Completely off topic, but I spent all day listening to this. It is awesome!

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Went with Dad to see 'Paul' for his birthday, and we were pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Seth Rogen was much better as the voice of Paul than he was in his acting role in 'The Green Hornet'.
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Papa is back home after a week's stay in the hospital and is doing much better. We were concerned about his health leading up to his stay, because in September one of his doctors said that for his age and medical history he was in great condition, and then in November his lower back and upper legs suddenly became so sore that it hurt to walk and he needed to use a walker. Then now the medicine cocktail to treat an infected swelling on his leg has also cleared what ever caused the soreness.
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Nothing tops how my week started! On Sunday we went to the Star Trek display at the Aerospace Museum! Sadly, they didn't allow photography, after I went to all the trouble of borrowing a camera. But it was awesome anyway. There were information plaques and costumes and props AND... Not only the set piece of a hallway from TNG, but a reconstruction of TOS' bridge where I got my picture taken in the Captain's chair!

Monday I scrambled to complete my Mass Media project and finished with ten minutes to spare to catch the bus. When I got home I started baking for...

The breakfast potluck in my archery class on Tuesday. We were so busy eating and talking with everyone that we didn't even shoot.

Thank goodness my teachers are sensible and gave us Wednesday off even though the school system didn't (we were the only school in our county that wasn't off for the whole week. Why?). Grannie and Papa came up to visit me and we went to see Tangled; I've never seen a movie on opening day and I'd been planning on this for a month. BUT, the stupid digital projector wouldn't work! They were kind enough to give us two ticket passes to make it up, but still very frustrating.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. Family and great food, what more could I want?

Friday we ran errands in the morning, moved furniture in the afternoon, went and put up the grandparent's lights and ran more errands in the evening.

Today we are relaxing and doing house chores, and then this evening we are going to a Christmas program done by three generations of the family that owns half our neighborhood.
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Be Forewarned: Big and rambly entry ahoy!

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My mother is a geek. And I'm following in her footsteps; I gave Stargate Atlantis a try just before school started, and ended up watching two seasons in less than two weeks. Now I'm stockpiling SG1 and SGA to have a marathon over winter break. I also watched some DS9 episodes on youtube and will get that next.
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You know that feeling, when you've thought of doing something so often that it surprises you when it turns out you forgot to do it? Yeah, I've got that now. I was so sure I'd started posting again at least after the hullabaloo of school had died down, if not before that. So I'm gonna do a quick catch-up update now and plan on writing more about some of them later.

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I went to one at the local movie theater last night, anyway. Although, neither was actually Rocky Horror. "The Princess Bride" at 6:00, a twenty minute break getting chocolate from the candy store two blocks away, and then "Jurassic Park". The audience for "Jurassic" was only a little bit bigger, but there was a lot more excited energy for it, and even a few people in costume - Doctor Grant, Doctor Malcolm and John Hammond. I hope they show the original Star Wars someday, I'm sure it would be four times as fun.
Got home late, had a quick shower and fell into bed, then had to get up early this morning to go to the airport to fetch Sister home from visiting her boyfriend in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm actually posting this from my iTouch, using Sac International's free wi-fi.

Update One

Mar. 17th, 2010 10:22 am
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Papa seems to be alright now except for high blood pressure. All I've heard is that his heart "had an episode", but I'm not sure what exactly that means, or what exactly happened, or what will happen. We're all hoping that he doesn't have to have another stent put in.
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Change of plans for today. Papa was taken from Heart Rehab to the hospital, Sister and I are going down the hill to be Grannie's helpers and support.
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Okay, so Sister's concert was her big Christmas gift, and mine was the promise of a comic convention; not Comic-Con, too expensive and too far away, so we were gonna go to Sac-Con which offered the possibility of going to more than one this year. But now Dad has offered to take me to Wonder-Con instead!
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I decided that since I'm getting back into comicbooks, I should try some of the movies that I had passed on before. I actually saw 'Spider-Man' in the theater, but I remember hating it so much I was leery to try it again. Instead I watched 'Spider-Man 2' for the first time today with my Dad because I had heard good things about Alfred Molina's performance as Doc Ock... and that really is the only reason to watch it, in my opinion. Mary-Jane is really a jerk, and just like Lois Lane in the first 'Superman', it makes me wonder what the hero sees in her. And, does Tobey ever change his expression?
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Dad and Sister are in San Fran at a concert. Mom and her friends have finished dinner and are stepping out, leaving the house all to myself.


Rock 'n' Roll, Broadway or music from WWII? Maybe take turns?
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Ow ow ow. Mom is having friends over tomorrow and since everyone else is at work today, I've been doing my chores, half of Sister's chores, and special chores all day. Now my back and my feet are killing me. Ow.
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The grandparents took our family and one of the aunts to see 'Sherlock Holmes' this afternoon. I had fun and really liked it. Papa liked that for the most part he could understand what was going on just by the action, so it didn't matter that he can't hear very well. Mom complained that it was too dark, as in "I can't see!", to which I said "Atmosphere!". Dad muttered a little about the sequel hook, but I said "Well if it bothers you so much, just think of it as a Mythology Gag. That's what I'm doing."

I want Holmes's wardrobe.

The 'Iron Man 2' trailer looked awesome! But, Tony, weren't you talking about turning over a new leaf? 'Cause it sure looks an awful lot like the old one, just focusing on Iron Man's adventures instead of Stark Industries business. Or is that just a public persona?
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Large group of family and friends celebrating Thanksgiving together meant germ swapping this year. We've all caught something, except Dad, with his freakishly strong immune system that until recently I seemed to have inherited. Sister and I have been hit hardest with a really painful stomach flu. We seem to be through the worst of it now and are mostly sleeping, but I was awake for six hours yesterday confined to bed and even though I was reading one of my comic books, I felt really... restless. I couldn't focus at all and I would find myself staring intently at patterns on my walls or blankets. It made me think of The Yellow Wallpaper, which I haven't thought of since I read it junior year. So today is being spent in the living room for a change in scenery.
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Today was Father-Daughter video game day. Except for finding out that the second controller might be dying and having to try to find a way to hold the controller and cord so that it worked, we had a lot of fun. I won the podraces, he was the king of fighters. We didn't get very far into Ultimate Alliance since Dad hasn't played any quest games and there was no tutorial like Kingdom Hearts.
I told him, "This button kicks, this button hits and this button jumps. Attack any mooks that come near you and just follow me." But he couldn't tell friend from foe, and kept going in the opposite direction I was. He did have fun destroying random barrels and clutter, though he kept forgetting to pick up the coins. Maybe I need to let him play by himself to get used to it.


Nov. 1st, 2009 04:19 pm
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I have finally, at nineteen, conceded to my mom that I am in fact too old to go trick-or-treating. Instead my dad and I went downtown during "Treat Street" to bask in the spirit of things. There were a lot of princesses, Disney or otherwise, and pirates, Sparrow or otherwise. It seemed to me that there were also a lot more comicbook characters than last year, but that could just be me. Three memorable costumes: a three year old boy in a Captain America costume -an actual costume as opposed to my shirt-and-jeans, winged cowl and all-, a college boy dressed in awesome Doctor Doom armor, and his girlfriend in Doom-esqe armor.

Actually, for a year with no trick-or-treating, I ended up getting a lot of loot. I bought comicbooks from our only local comicbook store while we were downtown. We went to HotTopic at the mall because their website said they had Marvel pins, which was a lie, but they did have something not on their website: Captain America's shield! And Iron Man's mask! The video-game store in the mall had a multi-player that Dad and I both can't wait to play (why yes, he is who I get it from). And then at the grocery store, I found a Superman blanket and Star Trek waffles. Talk about a geek overload.

I need to look for Marvel icons.


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