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I hate vine swinging, I hate vine swinging, I hate vine swinging, I HATE vine swinging.

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So, neither the game guide or the internet were much help in defeating Cerberus. They offered different strategies to be sure, but I still wasn't beating him using physical attacks like they suggested. I decided to try one last strategy before I gave up and begged one of my cousins for help (I'm impatient, so sue me). Whoever posted that getting on Cerberus' back and hitting him in the head with the keyblade obviously didn't try it, because you can't  - or I couldn't anyway -  without falling off his back while never actually hitting him. BUT, staying on his back made it super-easy to cast magic without worrying about Sora-Seeking Magic-Vomit! A quick trip back to Traverse Town for Ethers, a rearranging of equipment and voila. K.O.'d Cerberus. Next level please!

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Why is it that at the Coliseum prelims, if you die you have to do All Six Rounds Over. Again. (and again)? Why not just redo the round I just "died" in?
Ah well, moving on.
I have to fight Cerberus?!

Okay, calm down. Its a giant dog with three heads full of sharp teeth, but it can't be that har-

Why is my controller vibrating? He makes earthquakes? Ookaay...

HOLY ****! He Breathes Fire?!?! HE VOMITS SORA-SEEKING MAGIC?!?! Okay, that's it, I'm breaking out the game guide. And I was doing so well without it (I think).


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