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Today was Father-Daughter video game day. Except for finding out that the second controller might be dying and having to try to find a way to hold the controller and cord so that it worked, we had a lot of fun. I won the podraces, he was the king of fighters. We didn't get very far into Ultimate Alliance since Dad hasn't played any quest games and there was no tutorial like Kingdom Hearts.
I told him, "This button kicks, this button hits and this button jumps. Attack any mooks that come near you and just follow me." But he couldn't tell friend from foe, and kept going in the opposite direction I was. He did have fun destroying random barrels and clutter, though he kept forgetting to pick up the coins. Maybe I need to let him play by himself to get used to it.


Nov. 1st, 2009 04:19 pm
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I have finally, at nineteen, conceded to my mom that I am in fact too old to go trick-or-treating. Instead my dad and I went downtown during "Treat Street" to bask in the spirit of things. There were a lot of princesses, Disney or otherwise, and pirates, Sparrow or otherwise. It seemed to me that there were also a lot more comicbook characters than last year, but that could just be me. Three memorable costumes: a three year old boy in a Captain America costume -an actual costume as opposed to my shirt-and-jeans, winged cowl and all-, a college boy dressed in awesome Doctor Doom armor, and his girlfriend in Doom-esqe armor.

Actually, for a year with no trick-or-treating, I ended up getting a lot of loot. I bought comicbooks from our only local comicbook store while we were downtown. We went to HotTopic at the mall because their website said they had Marvel pins, which was a lie, but they did have something not on their website: Captain America's shield! And Iron Man's mask! The video-game store in the mall had a multi-player that Dad and I both can't wait to play (why yes, he is who I get it from). And then at the grocery store, I found a Superman blanket and Star Trek waffles. Talk about a geek overload.

I need to look for Marvel icons.
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I hate vine swinging, I hate vine swinging, I hate vine swinging, I HATE vine swinging.

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So, neither the game guide or the internet were much help in defeating Cerberus. They offered different strategies to be sure, but I still wasn't beating him using physical attacks like they suggested. I decided to try one last strategy before I gave up and begged one of my cousins for help (I'm impatient, so sue me). Whoever posted that getting on Cerberus' back and hitting him in the head with the keyblade obviously didn't try it, because you can't  - or I couldn't anyway -  without falling off his back while never actually hitting him. BUT, staying on his back made it super-easy to cast magic without worrying about Sora-Seeking Magic-Vomit! A quick trip back to Traverse Town for Ethers, a rearranging of equipment and voila. K.O.'d Cerberus. Next level please!

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Why is it that at the Coliseum prelims, if you die you have to do All Six Rounds Over. Again. (and again)? Why not just redo the round I just "died" in?
Ah well, moving on.
I have to fight Cerberus?!

Okay, calm down. Its a giant dog with three heads full of sharp teeth, but it can't be that har-

Why is my controller vibrating? He makes earthquakes? Ookaay...

HOLY ****! He Breathes Fire?!?! HE VOMITS SORA-SEEKING MAGIC?!?! Okay, that's it, I'm breaking out the game guide. And I was doing so well without it (I think).


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