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You know that feeling, when you've thought of doing something so often that it surprises you when it turns out you forgot to do it? Yeah, I've got that now. I was so sure I'd started posting again at least after the hullabaloo of school had died down, if not before that. So I'm gonna do a quick catch-up update now and plan on writing more about some of them later.

Not actually me, but big. Sister graduated and turned eighteen in June, went roaring out to Phoenix to live with her boyfriend in July, and ended up moving back two weeks before college started. This didn't really affect our routines too much, she spent so much of her time with friends when she was here, but it was considerably calmer around the house. Now we're sharing a class again, for the first time in seven years.

After years of talking about it and having to be reminded, the parents have finally let my wonky left foot be examined by an orthopedist, and I now have orthotic shoes to try to correct or at least lessen the problem. On the one hand, I'm in less pain from simply walking now, but on the other I have to buy special shoes, each with their own built up insert, for an unknown period of time.

I had two epiphanies regarding my geekdom; firstly, while I consider myself a sci-fi geek first and a fantasy geek second, I've actually read or watched hardly any sci-fi while my bookshelves are mostly fantasy; and secondly, my Dad is not in fact where I get it from.

I never learn when it comes to school schedules. I think I would have pulled it off though. History is never a problem for me, and learning about how Mass Media influences our society now is both intriguing and something touched on in previous classes. My two PE classes mostly just require that I show up and participate, and since its walking and ARCHERY (hells yes! I've been trying for this class ever since I tried to do concurrent enrollment in highschool!) the only deterrent is how early archery is. I did drop my English class, as I was reminded why I took extra math classes in highschool instead of extra writing, but now I've been told -contrary to what the teacher told me- that I cannot test out of it and will take it next semester.

Lastly, being in school is, again, the way to get me interested in at least some the projects I meant to do over the summer but didn't. I've been to two libraries five times, checked out fourteen books on four different subjects, read eight of them and am in the middle of a ninth.
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