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I have been on the wait list for Netflix's copies of the discs for BBC's Sherlock before they even had them yet, and this week it was finally my turn. I watched them yesterday, and it is just as awesome as I'd heard. :D

But it ended on a cliff-hanger. D:

And I don't know when the next set will be finished. D:<
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Since I've seen 'Alice' I've rewatched 'Tin Man', reread 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz', and read 'Alice in Wonderland'. Now I'm starting 'Through the Looking Glass', and after that I have 'The Looking Glass Wars' trilogy. I wonder if I still have the 'Tenth Kingdom' around, but if I don't I can reread 'Fables' instead.

Oh My God!

Dec. 5th, 2009 09:00 am
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Marvel Superhero Theme Park

I'm so excited!
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May be spoilerish? )
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Oh "Super Hero Squad', you're just so silly, but in a really cute way, and with an up-beat opening song. Tony is just adorkable when carrying on about his toys machines toy machines and fussing about magic. But can we have some more Steve soon, please?

And wow, "Romeo x Juliet" has absolutely beautiful artwork, but for a series Netflix described as set in a futuristic city, I was surprised when the style was actually fantasy Renaissance. I'm not disappointed exactly, but I was looking forward to Shakespeare meeting science-fiction. I think I was really hoping for Amidala-esque costumes, too.


Nov. 7th, 2009 03:51 pm
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I'm not certain which is more embarrassing: that it took a crush on a comicbook character to get me interested in my own country's history, or that my first thought upon seeing our new blender was to name it Tony.

In other news, I finally got my hands on the first season of the original Star Trek series on dvd. All of the rental stores here had season two or season three but not season one. Netflix had season two and three, but not season one, except as eventually getting it on blue-ray.

P.S., facepalm needs to be a mood.


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